Our Tools

Our Phase 1 user needs assessment has led us to design a set of tools that enable stakeholder groups to create collaborative websites that combine the power of knowledge graphs with the capabilities of spatial decision support. Below are descriptions of our tools in development and planned. A full diagram of our planned system architecture and status follows.

Knowledge Explorer

In Phase 1, our integrated client prototype is Knowledge Explorer. We integrated the Chat UI interface as well as a graph interface to search and browse a single ontology. Knowledge Explorer also could edit classes within the system as well as add instance data to a specific ontology. A separate map query interface was created to allow for finding topics and information within a specified area. There is a desktop client and a simple web client to allow for this editing and browsing.

Knowledge Manager

For Phase 2, we will include the ability to edit and view more than one ontology, and to add a full collaborative editing environment. This environment will track all interactions with the system, allowing for versioning and forking of the ontology by project or per person. This provenance system will use industry standards, with extensions to cover spatial and temporal information.

Workflow Conductor

This prototype product allows the creation, running, and tracking of complex workflows for semantic and geospatial data. In Phase II, these workflows will be made available to all the subsystems and also be exposed to end users via our other client products and via our Decision Support Query API. These workflows will honor any security system for data that is used by the system. From this tool, the end user will be able to view any manually made workflow within the system as well as viewing the dynamic workflows.

WEbspace Creator

In Phase 2, we will complete our Webspace Creator tool, which allows users to publish their knowledge graph / geospatial workspaces as a shareable web portal. Portals may either be private or public, and will allow broader audiences to browse and search the information.

Decision Workbench

With our Phase 2 Decision Workbench, people and groups will be empowered to use our individual tools collectively. This will help them share and create information, develop workflows that transforms data to knowledge, and leverage these capacities to build the decision support applications that help us collaboratively make the hard choices we need to build a better future.

GIS&T Body of Knowledge

In Phase I, we began work on creating a knowledge graph for the Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge, which is an open resource developed by a consortium of over 65 universities (UCGIS 2019). It is used to create educational curricula and other learning materials, design course and workshop content, assess employment suitability, and derive professional credentialing exam and other assessments.

Master Gateway API

In Phase 1, we developed a gateway API for queries and data acquisition. For the SDS-OKN Cloud subsystems and clients, this allowed for the definition of external data sources to query, and a method to initiate crawling of these external sources. For external users and services, the API allows for a discrete number of searches that can be performed against one or more ontologies. These include initiating spatial queries, temporal queries, semantic queries, and free-text queries.

System Architecture