Pilot Applications

Puget Sound Water Quality

A network of over 700 organizations are collectively addressing water quality problems in the Puget Sound of WA under the umbrella of the Puget Sound Partnership. We have interviewed a number of participants in this network and are building a knowledge graph of people, projects, programs, indicators, tools and more related to environmental recovery work in the region.

The CCLC of western Washington and Oregon, which brings together a diverse group of natural and cultural resource partners and hundreds of stakeholders to design living landscapes that support rural economies, community values, and biodiversity with the goal of a connected, resilient region for years to come.

We are working with the SB County Conservation Blueprint and the Cachuma Resource Conservation District on their Regional Priority Plan to reduce wildfire risk and improve forest health for Santa Barbara County, whose purpose is the prioritization of parcels on the landscape that are high priorities for land-use or land cover change in order to better buffer urban areas from wildland fire events.

A large and diverse set of stakeholders was assembled under the auspices of the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative to launch the Central Valley Landscape Conservation Project, which resulted in a catalog of important conservation features and data for the ecoregion. Currently an effort is underway by the California Strategic Growth Council to develop a Regional Conservation Assessment for the ecoregion, which would be the first such example under the recently passed state legislation AB 2087.